Basheer Abdeen
Assistant Imam/Youth Director
Bay County Islamic Society

  • Experience
  • Certificates
  • Bay County Islamic Society
    Assistant Imam/Youth Director
    Panama City, Florida
    August 2017 – Present
    – Youth activities: providing an after-school program at a minimum of 6 hours per week for each age group and a summer program of activities which develop American Muslim Youth’s leadership skills through sports, educational seminars, civic engagement and service to others;
    – Religious services: performing prayer services and Friday sermons in the absence of the Imam and in coordination with the Imam;
    – Fundraising services: fundraising for BCIS youth projects when requested and any related and affiliated projects and properties.
  • Muslim American Society
    Quranic Judgement
    Chicago, Illinois
    December 25-29, 2015
    Mr.Abdeen participating in judging the 5th Annual Quran Competition from December 25-29, 2015 held at the14th MAS-ICNA ANNUAL CONVENTION in the city of Chicago.
  • Islamic Society of West Valley
    Imam and Islamic Teacher
    Los Angeles, California
    June 2015 – July 2015
    On Ramadan, 2015 Hafidh Basheer was invited to be the imam Quran reciter of the Islamic Society of West Valley located in (Los Angeles, California), the religious services are given by Hafiz Basheer to ISWV’s congregation was the following:
    – Leads the Taraweeh prayers nightly.
    – Establishing the five daily prayers at ISWV.
    – The Qur’an teacher of the ISWV Ramadan Summer Camp.
  • Youth Iris Academy (Black Iris Co.)
    Qura’anic Teacher and Leadership Trainer
    Amman, Jordan
    July 2013 – May 2015
    Mr.Abdeen was one of the founders of Youth Iris Academy (Black Iris Co.) in Jordan, a private academy for youth with a leading concept and pioneer practical experience believes in youth needs to widen their leadership, entrepreneurship skills and life experience within the context of Islamic values. Basheer is well known in the Jordan Muslim community, he played an important role in conducting global and international mentorship seminars, Quranic workshops and camps, implementing religious events, and offering professional educational and religious programs.
  • AL Ridwan Schools
    Religious Counselor and Mentor
    Amman, Jordan
    September 2012 – June 2013
    Mr.Abdeen worked as Religious Counselor and Mentor for students in junior high and high school. He had implemented exceptional qualify mentorship and Islamic educational projects. These projects had a significant impact on caring for and guiding exceptional students. Mr.Abdeen organized various mentorship and religious initiatives and meetings that aimed to raise a generation of aware, intellectual, and engaged youth who served their nation and society. These projects were an effective model for seamlessly-organized and perfected work.
  • Ramadan Mosque
    Amman, Jordan
    August 2010
    Qari’ Basheer co-lead the Taraweeh prayers very well and with excellent recitation.
  • The Conservation of the Holy Qur’an Society – The 7th Amman Branch Redwan Center for Qur’an
    Facilitator for Qura’an Memorization
    Amman, Jordan
    January 2008 – August 2012
    Mr.Abdeen worked as a facilitator for Qur’an memorization of all levels, particularly youth with 12-18 years old. He also used to be in charge for all outdoor Qur’anic activities where he was doing outstanding efforts to link the Qur’an teaching with the entertainment activities such as scouting and drama. Mr. Abdeen has been a key person in the Redwan center, where many innovative ideas and Qur’anic projects that targeting youth and children had been proposed and delivered by him during his working years.
  • Ten Quranic Accents
    The Conservation of the Holy Qur’an Society

    Amman, Jordan
    Graduated May 2012
    License in Reciting and Teaching of Noble Qur’an on the Accent of Aasim with the narration of ‘Hafs, by way of Tayybat ANnasher
  • Ten Quranic Accents
    The Conservation of the Holy Qur’an Society
    Amman, Jordan
    Graduated August 2011
    License in Reciting and Teaching of Noble Quran on the Accent of Aasim with the narration of ‘Hafs, by way of Al-Shatibiyyah